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Friday, May 03, 2013

Haiku for Skull and Crossbones

Mother where'd you go
I can no longer smell you
My Meow is empty

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Looking forward to the next grow year

The mild winter in Mississippi has got me antsy to get going toward this years growing season. I have been looking into different options for vegetables and fruits, I have expanded into two worm bins, and started composting leaves to make my own potting soil. Alicia and I have been rooting around different home stores and garden web sites with consideration over this years crop.

I believe the biggest change of pace we are making is actually putting things in the ground, for any who might not know there isn't much sun in our back yard, and the yard is sloped so during heavy rain it is a waterfall, however the house is surrounded by bushes and Crepe Myrtles. The plan as of now is to replace some Crepe Myrtles with Mississippi friendly fruit trees, and replace some Azaleas with blue berries. The areas where these plants already exist are sun heavy so they should be fine. And for kicks we are going to try and grow some grapes.

Having said all of that, I understand that I have a ticking clock behind me, it is about time to start putting fruit trees in the ground and planting grapes. To do that i will have to get a chain saw, cut down some Crepe Myrtles and build and arbor for grape vines.

We have also decided to start some of our more traditional plants from seeds, so I will start the tomatoes and peppers in our little portable greenhouse. I also thought it might be fun to start some container corn, if everything goes right we MIGHT get 12 ears. This year I will start the lettuce in starter pots as to give them a 1-up.

We have also decided to try and grow as many heirloom varieties as possible. Last year was exciting and I can't wait to start uploading pictures for this year

Friday, May 06, 2011

organzation 004

organzation 004 by heptide
organzation 004, a photo by heptide on Flickr.

Made some simple shelves out of cinder blocks and wooden planks.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Composting 2

Currently I am managing 3 compost bins. This will have to increase over time but right now 3 is enough.

The first bin was the leaf composting bin to handle the leaves from the fall. If you want to check it out, my first post on this process was here: , since beginning, the leaf pile has dropped over a foot in height and is now mostly broken down and ready to use. At one point I sifted out about 10 gallons of compost, sanitized it and used it in my potting soil.  I set this bin up and let it go, giving it a good turn weekly.

This is what it looks like now!!!

The second bin was for lawn waste, I used the cheapest 32 gallon garbage can I could find, drilled a bunch of 3/4 in holes.
The bin is about as full as I can get it right now, I think it will be fine for a while, I don't foresee having to add a lot of waste to it in the future more than kitchen waste. 
This bin had some leaves, pine needles, kitchen waste, lawn clippings, and dead plants. The bin is made to turn on it side and roll to help mix it up.
I still have to use the fork to make sure food waste stays covered but It is easy to mix. I add kitchen waste to this bin when it won't go well into the worm bin.

So the worm bin, I have used worm bins in the past and found them very useful and fun. My first bin can be found here. I give all my instructions there. I use the same basic system only I have done away with the deep 18 gallon bin. I really only ever used the bottom 6 inches anyway. 

The shortened bin helps me guard against flies. This bin is also kept outside. So far that is not a problem though I will have to find something to do with it the two weeks we get cold weather in the winter. The bin started slowly after I overfed it but time, dry material, and some crushed egg shells helped with my beginning mold problems. So now, the bin is going extremely well.

I covered the top with two pieces of corrugated cardboard, I have noticed the worms will come more frequently to the top layer if they are still covered by something. It think it helps break down the stuff under faster. 
Nice and sloppy. 

Anyway, everything is breaking down exceedingly well. I find it exciting. 

Monday, May 02, 2011

AE 2

AE_2 021AE_2 020AE_2 019AE_2 018AE_2 017AE_2 016
AE_2 015AE_2 014AE_2 013AE_2 012AE_2 011AE_2 010
AE_2 009AE_2 008AE_2 007AE_2 006AE_2 005AE_2 004
AE_2 003AE_2 002AE_2 001

AE 2, a set on Flickr.

This is just a picture update from 5/2/11

Monday, April 25, 2011

The View From the Back Door

AE_1 by heptide
AE_1, a photo by heptide on Flickr.

This is, what I said it was up top.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Letter To Judas

Dear Judas,

It has come to my attention you are having second thoughts about your help. I know it is not necessary for me to remind you that we have been paying your “expenses” now for some time. I feel I must also remind you that you came to me, I did not seek you out. You were the one who came in fear of what could happen if this mans power continued to go unchecked. We both agree that the Romans must be maneuvered around not removed forcefully. You were there when 5000 men picked up their swords to drive out Rome. You were filled with fear that day, fear that he would not be able to control the mass, fear they would drive the Roman Footmen out. We both know what would happen if men rise too early. We both know that it is not “If” he will lose control of them but “when.”

Believe me your patriotism is well tempered by wisdom, you were right, this man could ruin everything. His speeches must be stopped if we are to hold to God's plan for our country.

I know that you care for him, and I assure you, he will be handled well. We all care for him he is one of our own, but we must save him from himself. I wish no Jew to fall to the hands of Rome, but you know as well as I, that is what will happen if he continues his spectacle, if he continues to rouse the masses. Rome will not be able to stay silent if he continues and many will die.

You must help us Judas. We want what is best for the people. Annas and Herod both send their encouragement, and hope you will help us. You are our only hope, we have no man closer and can not get one closer before Passover. I and many like me fear that if we cannot have him under control before then Israel will be steeped in bloodshed. The Zealots are massing outside of Jerusalem, and they will use Passover to have their way, but if we can bring him close to us, if we are given the opportunity to guide this carpenter we may be able to use him toward our advantage to pacify Rome. Annas and Herod both agree with this plan. We must have him in our care before Passover if we are to save him from himself.

Oh, and we have increased your reimbursement to 30, don't worry you will be well cared for. You will be an important patriot when we finally do rise against Rome.

Yours Truly

Caiaphas, High Priest

PS. It is important you destroy this letter by fire to protect your cover.